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This in Inky, Blue Dragon Tattoos 345 adopted Blue Iguana. Since we named the shop after the local Endangered iguana we wanted to give back to the local charity and sponsor Inky every year. Inky is a super cool guy and we are glad to have him on the Blue Dragon tattoos team. You can go see him in person in Caymans Botanical Park and Gardens .


Hatched 22 August, 2001. His mother was Jessica, and his father was Digger - both being adults in the captive breeding programme at that time. Sadly both his parents are deceased, having become tragic victims of the attack on the captive facility in May 2008.

Inky was bead-tagged GP (Green and Pale Blue) and released into the QE II Botanic Park on 24th March 2004. Starting his wild life in the Park's "Cactus Country" area he settled well at first, but then found the area a bit difficult due to the presence of too many other males. He moved away and we lost track of him for several years. At some stage he must have got into a scrap, because he lost his bead tag - but we saw him again in the 2009 breeding season, and caught him for re-tagging on 30th June 2011. By that stage he had grown from 830 grams in March 2004, to 5,500 grams in June 2011.

At some point between 2004 and 2009, we think Inky must have been run over, perhaps by a water delivery truck. The injury caused his spine to grow unevenly, and he has developed a kinky back and tail as a result. But he seems none the worse for this and indeed upon his return to the Park he wrested a prime territory from the clutches of two well established and exceptionally dominant peers, placing him squarely in the public's view at the Park's visitor centre, where he attracts a lot of attention!

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